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Neighborhood Photography

Not as popular as its flashy cousin street photography, neighborhood photography shows where we live and what’s going on where we live. Like street photography, there are few rules. Make them up! Walking down the sidewalk and pointing your camera … Continue reading

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Insurance is an accounting function and should always be public.

Insurance is not difficult to understand, but the insurance companies like you to think it is. Everyone needs it, and in the fact the law requires it for everyone. If you buy a car, you have to have car insurance. … Continue reading

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Old Photo

Or older, at least. One of my big projects has been to go through my massive Lightroom library and keyword at least my better, more interesting photos. The reason is that if I then want to use them in projects, … Continue reading

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Dead Tree Portrait

At the start of the Old Hartley Road trail in Hartly Park, down by Tischer Creek, near the parking lot.

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Climate Havens Are A Sick Joke

This city has received some press about being a climate haven, a place to move to, if you can afford it, to avoid the worst of climate change as the world burns. All of which avoids thinking about the fact … Continue reading

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Still Here

Pandemic year 2.5, still chugging along, a perfect late May afternoon, a sort of lull between storms. Our too-large house, a McMansion Tudor thing from 1914, was really looking its age, so we took out a second mortgage and got … Continue reading

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Catching Up

I’m not going to write a long post catching my 1.2 readers up on what I’ve been doing, but here are some photos from the past few months.

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At Home

4-3-2020 So, we all find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic, which would have sounded strange to write a few months ago, but now sounds normal. If you read the details of the hotspots, which I haven’t done … Continue reading

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The Green New Deal and Growth

The current economy only functions if it is expanding enough so that capitalists can make more and more profits, leading to very unhealthy levels of the wrong types of industry, bad land development, abuse of workers in order to compete, … Continue reading

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Border Crisis Solution

As the Trump administration assembles the usual list of ghouls to work on the overthrow of Venezuela, consider our long history of intervention in Latin America. Always in support of the right, always with dire results for regular people.

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