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The Green New Deal and Growth

The current economy only functions if it is expanding enough so that capitalists can make more and more profits, leading to very unhealthy levels of the wrong types of industry, bad land development, abuse of workers in order to compete, … Continue reading

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Border Crisis Solution

As the Trump administration assembles the usual list of ghouls to work on the overthrow of Venezuela, consider our long history of intervention in Latin America. Always in support of the right, always with dire results for regular people.

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Nah, forget that blog

After several months of using the blog that Squarespace provides with its website kit, I’m giving it up for absolute lack of traffic. Back to this one, which at least occasionally sees a visitor and a comment. Still keeping the … Continue reading

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New Website

Okay, I started a new website over at squarespace with the same name as this blog. And it also has a blog. And that blog has all the same posts, plus a couple new ones. I will likely be using … Continue reading

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The 20 Minute Run-Walk

Okay, this is more or less the simplest exercise you can do, mentally and physically, if your legs are more or less ok. It provides just enough aerobic exercise, and most importantly, it doesn’t leave me with the burned out … Continue reading

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Trees and Trees

From another dog walk near a “country club” golf course…  

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Night in Duluth

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