Things We Did On Easter

It was a spectacularly nice day, so we were lucky to not burn dinner. Spent a lot of time outdoors playing, walking dogs, flying kites, sitting on the porch, soaking in the sun while it lasted. Click on the photo for a gallery of what are, admittedly, just a bunch of normal family shots…

Just Throw the Stick Please

Morning Lily

Notes on Method: I found a white, wrinkly shower curtain, one of those nylon “hotel style” liners with the steel eyes. I tacked it to a shaded wall on the back deck. The Mountains were still blocking the rising sun, so it was in shade, but it wasn’t too dark. The camera made the image unrealistically warm, so I cooled it a little in Lightroom (but not to the point of “sunny”). I shot at 50mm f2, iso 200, and had plenty of shutter speed. I brought the highlights up to a little below blowing out, and then used the contrast adjustment as my main whitening tool (increasing it signifigantly), along with white balance. I used the brush to selectively sharpen the blossom, and selectively blur some of the background (this helped hide the wrinkles–too lazy to iron). Compared to full frame depth of field, this would be around 100mm at f4. If I did it again I would remove the white dog hair. At least it was white. The background appears blown with bright monitors, but it is very light grey, and prints well. 

News To Make You Feel Bad (a little poetry too, New York Rhymes part 1)

We all need to feel bad before we are motivated to change the world, right? Or perhaps we just spiral into descending badness and the news is helping us paddle downstream… Whatever the case, for your reading pleasure…in rhyme.

The coming of the mold

The balking of the old.

The stupid all buy gold.

The numbing of the fold.

At The Beach Today for Low Tide

So don’t expect another post for another day… I know all you expecters are expecting something out there somewhere. You can always read some of the new links I put up on the right in my effort to educate the masses. Or you can buckle down and write that comment you always intended to write but never felt compelled enough to do. Or you can go to the beach like me and not worry about it.
A worm at the beach

The Candid Frame — My Favorite Photography Podcast

My favorite photography podcaster Ibarionex Perello has a new show out, interviewing the two guys behind the website/company , Andy and Mikey, known for funny videos (to some photographers) and what sound like quite helpful workshops…

Below is a sample video …