Neighborhood Photography

Not as popular as its flashy cousin street photography, neighborhood photography shows where we live and what’s going on where we live.

Irving Park Neighborhood in West Duluth

Like street photography, there are few rules. Make them up!

A portrait of a house, with squirrel

Walking down the sidewalk and pointing your camera at houses can get people curious and sometimes provoke hostile responses (rarely) just like street photography. I once had a woman call the cops on me and write me up as a creepy photographer on the rumor-mongering social media site, Nextdoor. More commonly, they think you might be a real estate agent or a tax assessor.

Night works well too. Winter is great for a slow dog walk with the camera. A dog makes it harder to take the photo (think tugging in one hand, shooting with the other) but they also remove the “who’s that weirdo” factor that photographers sometimes deal with. Your purpose is dog walking, the camera is secondary.

Juneau, Alaska in the Mendenhall Valley. Sleepy Court Cul-De-Sac.

You can return to houses and streets throughout the season and document changes.

Juneau, Alaska in the Mendenhall Valley. Locally just called “the valley.”
Duluth, Hillside Neighborhood, near 4th St.

What’s in your neighborhood?

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