Climate Havens Are A Sick Joke

This city has received some press about being a climate haven, a place to move to, if you can afford it, to avoid the worst of climate change as the world burns.

All of which avoids thinking about the fact that climate change is an international problem to be solved through international cooperation. Calling Duluth a climate haven or climate refuge is like calling it a nuclear holocaust refuge. If we don’t all work to make sure that the bulk of humanity has good housing, medical care, and wealth, as we transition to using much less carbon, we won’t just see a few wealthy people moving to Duluth to enjoy our cool summers, we will see empty grocery shelves and out of control energy prices. Our community gardens and farmers markets are not going to make up for that. The only reason we don’t have a riot of hungry people fighting for scraps at local farmers markets is because most people can go to Super One and buy commodity goods grown in California and Mexico. (to be continued…)

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