West Duluth

West Duluth comprises the West side of Duluth proper and four or five additional towns that it has absorbed over the years. Very working class, post-industrial, lots of empty storefronts, but also more diverse and more interesting than East Duluth.

The Superior Municipal Forest

I’d like to spend more time in this great forest in Superior, Wisconsin, but the hiking trails are non-existent. There are some cross-country ski trails that are so-so to walk on, like grassy roads. I had to resort to bushwacking for this shot….
The Superior Municipal forest

Don’t Lose Your Head

Seriously, it’s a bad idea. You never know where it will end up. Of course we all do sometimes, but it’s best to make sure you are in a safe location first, no sharp corners, steep drops, speeding trains and the like. If you feel your head coming undone it’s best to hurry home (not too fast) and lie down on the couch. Take a nap or read a boring book and then take a nap. Whatever you do, don’t wander around tourist areas during such a sensitive experience.

Second Time Around

Minnesota is second growth country, with tiny islands of old growth you have to seek out to discover what has been lost due to statewide industrial logging. Even Voyageurs National Park is mostly second growth, marked with “sentinel trees” left on the horizon so loggers didn’t lose their way in the stumpy moonscape. But you can find examples of the various forests that used to cover the state if you are willing to travel. The DNR has a list of some sites, though they leave out a couple near Duluth, including Park Point.

Park Point old growth

The path through the park is a couple miles long but flat, an easy walk, with the Lake to the left and the bay to the right. Keep an eye out for the small poison ivy plants in the sand dunes and you should be fine.

Flowering shrub surrounded by the small three-leaved poison ivy plants of Park Point

Two Years and Counting

In July of 2014 my wife, my daughter and I moved from Juneau, Alaska to Duluth Minnesota, and I  finally dusted off this old blog and slapped a new title on it. Previously Mendenhall Meltdown, now Here in Duluth. I considered another alliterative title, but nothing good came of that.

Here’s a photo from the state fair during our first summer here. Transportation of the future…