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I made a “hobby book” and if you are totally interested you can get your own copy for too much money (yet still at cost) or you can look at the online version full screen, which is what I would … Continue reading

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Up the Saint Louis River to Fond du Lac

I wrote a short photo essay on my main website, for those interested. Follow this link for more.

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Lincoln Park Stroll

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The Mad Rush of May Rain

Scenes from nearby Tischer Creek…

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Polar Vortex, Warm Fall, Flying Squirrels, Horse Manure

Dear Duluth, Thanks for the polar vortex. First we get a fall so warm it feels like the impending doom it probably is, then we get a nasty cold front with a silly name. Vortex should be the name of … Continue reading

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Vegan Cooking, Homeless Bill of Rights, City Council

Dear Diary, I’m not sure why I started this “diary” conceit, but it does put me into a more relaxed, informal mood where I don’t feel the need to pontificate to the masses quite as much. Just write and see … Continue reading

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