Trump Gives Middle Finger to Climate, Earth, and Earth’s Inhabitants While Profit Junkies Mainline Wall Street.

That’s about all there is to say. Time to do something about this disaster. For your viewing pleasure, the rapidly melting Mendenhall Glacier…


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Lincoln Park Stroll

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The Mad Rush of May Rain

Scenes from nearby Tischer Creek…

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Spring has Sprung, Finally

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Looking Down

Took a walk downtown and the light was good enough that these sorts of shots looked interesting to me. The last one is close to straight on, but that’s ok.

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West Duluth Walk

Click through for a few more.

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Mainstream Media, Trump, Fake News, Apple Computer

Dear America,

I was buying some groceries the other day and was happy to see that we still have some solid reporting in this country, not just fake news from Macedonian teenagers and a crazy Brit hell-bent on turning the world into some kind of right-wing freaktopia.

I was especially pleased that Apple is returning 4.5 million jobs to the United States. Too bad about Bill though.

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