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Trees and Trees

From another dog walk near a “country club” golf course…  

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The Mad Rush of May Rain

Scenes from nearby Tischer Creek…

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Spring has Sprung, Finally

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Shortcuts, Missed Trails, Soft Light, Woody Scenes

Dear Diary, I found a shortcut today, one of those little paths you notice but never take for some reason. We’ve lived here for three years and have, like most people in the neighborhood, taken advantage of easy access to … Continue reading

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That Time of Year

Who doesn’t like fall? Well, some people. To them fall is the Sunday of seasons, nice, but still a depressing and even stressful reminder of what is to come. I won’t try to dig too deep into it because that’s … Continue reading

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The Superior Municipal Forest

I’d like to spend more time in this great forest in Superior, Wisconsin, but the hiking trails are non-existent. There are some cross-country ski trails that are so-so to walk on, like grassy roads. I had to resort to bushwacking … Continue reading

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Roadside Diffraction

I sometimes drive around and if the light looks at least ok I’ll park and walk down the road for a while…

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A Few Recent (More or Less) Landscapes

This one’s a little on the typical side, but it worked and it’s always nice to get one that works… A little dim and moody and busy, but that’s the woods for you… Devil’s Club bramble, not a great passage. … Continue reading

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