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Goats on The Rocks

We’ve had some sunny, cold weather lately and the lake below Mendenhall Glacier is frozen enough to walk on (as long as you stay away from thin spots–two people fell in on Christmas). On the 26th I walked across the … Continue reading

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Two From The Neighborhood

We are in one of those extended, cold, dry crunchy periods, with at least a few hours of good photography light in the middle of the day… The valley features zero-lot housing (the conjoined twins of realty) and some¬†spectacular¬†views of … Continue reading

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A Few Recent (More or Less) Landscapes

This one’s a little on the typical side, but it worked and it’s always nice to get one that works… A little dim and moody and busy, but that’s the woods for you… Devil’s Club bramble, not a great passage. … Continue reading

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