Olav Hauge, Knausgaard, Diaries, Norway

Dear Diary,

I ordered a Diary today, or a collection of poems that includes selected parts of a diary, culled from the 4000 page behemoth by Olav H. Hauge. This book is called Luminous Spaces. His diary, only available in Norwegian, is called Diaries: 1924-1994.

Luminous Spaces: click through to Amazon in you are interested…


Another long-form writer, novelist Karl Ove Knausgaard, recommended Hauge. I can recommend Knausgaard. His English language readers await the final book to his six part, autobiographical novel, My Struggle, translated (co-translated this time) by Don Bartlett.

Knausgaard draws me into his world completely, which is one of the primary pleasures of novels, total immersion. But he’s not for everyone. Some  people tire of his cataloging of mundane details. Some struggle with the struggle. It’s largely a huge novel about becoming a writer and writing a huge novel, the very one you hold, so you are immersed in the narration in an unusual way that feels extra alive at times. I like it.

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