Making Small Waves in Juneau

Juneau lies on a rather small channel, far inland from the outer coast, so any wave energy from the ocean has greatly dissipated by the time it reaches us.  Waves tend to be small, and look similar to waves from a medium sized lake, depending on wind strength and direction. The high speed Taku winds coming off the mountains can still generate strong local “chop” and strong Northern winds usually create larger swells that boaters have trouble dealing with. On shore, things are usually not very dramatic, except of exceptionally stormy days. 
The Islands block any huge incoming swells from the Pacific
Below, I’ve assembled a few different waves I’ve come across on various beaches in varied weather, with commentary not really meant to elucidate anything of importance. 
A typically tiny, rainy day wave on Sandy Beach
A relatively calm day in Auke Bay, made even calmer looking with long exposure…
A somewhat blustery day in North Douglas, but not with high swells
A calm incoming tide at Eagle Beach…
Auke Bay on Thanksgiving day, normal breezy conditions…

Auke Bay with a little more kick to it during a storm…
Fishing off the rocks in North Douglas with a calm incoming tide…
Even though the waves look small, the wind is high and sends rain 
at your cheeks with enough force to sting.
Storms are also a good time to get the lens wet…proceed with caution…
And carry something for cleaning up…

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