Finger Lickin’ Good?

Ted Rall gets it right again in his latest cartoon.

Juneau’s biennial Celebration is next week, and our daughter is in one of the many Tlingit dance groups. Looks like it’ll be pretty cool, and I’ll try to post a photo or two.

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1 Response to Finger Lickin’ Good?

  1. montana says:

    that was very interesting, about the celebration. Will this be Elia’s first formal dancing? When again is the celebration? I liked the cartoon too.This “happy thursday” was “accident prone” Minneapolis neighbor had a family reunion and at 3 am they all came outdoors to talk and woke me up. I gently asked them to tone it down, which they did for 5 minutes. I finally just got up at 5 and putted around but am amazed, once I got outside in the car, that I diden’t run over anyone. I don’t do real well without adequate sleep. Did a big eval for public defenders office…not a second opinion which is a walk through for me but a tidy, thorough diagnositic repport, all typed up and formal and hand delivered. They laughed because I charged only $l30(I thought Medicare of Medicaid rates fair) when the regular guys..mainly PHD’s..charge from $l,500 to 2,500. Hmmmm, maybe I should look into this.Hey, how was the wedding? Keep on writing. Love, Montana. Have to go get my orange/cream Italian soda now. bye.

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