One thought on “Finger Lickin’ Good?

  1. that was very interesting, about the celebration. Will this be Elia’s first formal dancing? When again is the celebration? I liked the cartoon too.This “happy thursday” was “accident prone” Minneapolis neighbor had a family reunion and at 3 am they all came outdoors to talk and woke me up. I gently asked them to tone it down, which they did for 5 minutes. I finally just got up at 5 and putted around but am amazed, once I got outside in the car, that I diden’t run over anyone. I don’t do real well without adequate sleep. Did a big eval for public defenders office…not a second opinion which is a walk through for me but a tidy, thorough diagnositic repport, all typed up and formal and hand delivered. They laughed because I charged only $l30(I thought Medicare of Medicaid rates fair) when the regular guys..mainly PHD’s..charge from $l,500 to 2,500. Hmmmm, maybe I should look into this.Hey, how was the wedding? Keep on writing. Love, Montana. Have to go get my orange/cream Italian soda now. bye.

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