Bequeathing Democracy

Editorial cartoonist and commentator Ted Rall has been penning some pretty strong cartoons since the torture scandal broke out. I can appreciate the guy’s moral outrage, especially when newspapers want to go ho-hum on page three about every atrocity we commit, like our latest wedding slaughter, a mere 45 human beings killed by your tax dollars.

On the home front, much more peaceful. Bought three yards of topsoil for the garden, and will wheelbarrow it around back later. My neighbor remarked that my raised bed frames look like large coffins right now, and she’s right.

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1 Response to Bequeathing Democracy

  1. montana says:

    its 3 pm so so our time…and I got lucky and got a free internet computor at “ray’s”.Yes…I can see you all digging, and digging, and digging. trying to create some good topsoil out of that clay.Just came from gulping down a taco from our new downtown taco shop. The fish tacos seem to be the most popular but I’m an old fashioned beefer.But the real news….yipeee, yipee, yiipee….I will be returning to Juneau for the first time in almost l3 years….and will see your home for the first time and all of you since last summer when you buzzed by Helena on the way to Alaska. I am soooooooo excited I could pee my pants. Keep on blogging….I have fun snooping into it. Tell everyone hi…..and warn Pico that I’m on my way. Love, Montana

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