First Post

Okay, here I am, sitting in my house in the Mendenhall Valley. The photo is misleading, not showing any houses. The Valley is the closest thing to a regular city neighborhood in Juneau, full of middle-income housing and trailer courts. Consequently, it gets a bit of a bad rap from the coastal dwellers and downtown gentrifiers, but it’s considered a notch above the Lemon Creek area (blessed with the dump, several smokestacks, and the prison).

Not much news to report. Weather’s good, with a rare five days of sunshine predicted. Bush and his buddies are still dealing with the torture turmoil.

For those of you who think the torture scandal was the work of just a few assholes, here’s a Guardian article that indicates it was the result of a special training program, designed and implemented by a large number of assholes.

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3 Responses to First Post

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like I can pretend not to be the author and compliment my own posts….

  2. montana says:

    hey..are you calling me an “asshole?” And how come you aren’t blogging today..I had to pay Ray a buck to check you out. So get on the an avid follower I’m expecting daily Mendenhall Valley Blurgs, or globs, or is it blogs?

  3. John Krumm says:

    Too much work for an audience of one. I predect a steady decline of postings, leading to complete disuse, like most other globs.

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